Top 20 Items to Increase Independence When Living with Arm or Leg Weakness

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Drugs and Alcohol: Early Onset of Dementia

This article was written due to the current state of our world right now. People are struggling to cope with stress due to uncertainty and worry because of job loss, lack of food, illness, loss of loved ones, and social isolation. Others are dealing with regular abuse as they are quarantined with their abuser and […]

Vaping, Cigarettes or Marijuana

Lately, there has been a lot of information in the media about vaping and smoking cigarettes and marijuana. This article breaks down the risks associated with each and how to get help if needed.

Sleep and Rest are Needed for Mental and Physical Health and Wellness

Sleep and Rest Why is Sleep so Important? When the body falls to sleep, it begins to restore itself improving overall health of the body.  Sleep also helps the body to recover from everyday wear and tear of daily life, improves memory and learning and overall health by boosting the immune system in the body. […]