Winter is a time for letting things go, settling down and a time for stillness. It is a time for rest and regeneration.

Winter is a good reminder that change is necessary sometimes and what may seem dead may be just dormant until the right season of life brings a rebirth or new growth.

In many areas, winter brings less daylight. Similarly, there are times in life, where there are fewer days of sunshine, peace, warmth, and positivity. Seasons cycle and so do the lives of all of us.

Cloudy Dark Days.

Winter brings cold, darker, cloudy days which also can bring winter depression – a condition also called Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter Depression Syndrome. As seasons cycle, so will emotions. Just as we expectantly look for the next new season (spring), so should we keep a hopeful outlook for new, warm, changes that come with a new season of life.

The Cold.

Winter months can bring a bitterly cold chill right down to your bones causing the body to shake and shiver in an attempt to stay warm. Emotionally speaking, when someone feels coldness or indifference from others, it causes the human spirit to become unnerved, to tremble causing the human spirit to grow saddened and weary. But just as the new season of spring brings warmth, take time to care for yourself, bringing warm-hearted and devoted people and activities into your life. Make sure that you remain your own advocate and champion, loving yourself and setting an example to where others must follow suit on how to love you in return.


Winter brings desolation where growth and progression slow down or cease. Many times, we go through periods of feeling lonely or fruitless as well. Use the winter months to realize all is not lost. It may be a time to put a project down and come back to it later when motivation sets in once again. Try something new or allow yourself to just rest!


In the winter when snow has fallen, there is a beauty winter-white picturesque scene but winter can also encourage feelings of emptiness and remoteness. Roads are covered and are less traveled due to what could be challenging and also dangerous. To venture out is to be possibly increasing the risk of injury or accident due to what some may consider hazardous conditions.  Likewise, Social isolation decreases feelings of true purpose, hope, and self-worth. We were made to thrive in a healthy community to fellowship with others. Venture out of your comfort zone. Hope is not lost. Disappointments should be learning opportunities to move forward successfully in your future not a reason to stop living a life full of quality and satisfaction. Connect with others!


Take a hint from the bear and turn in early and sleep a little longer on your days off. So many illnesses go around in the winter months. Getting good sleep will help to rejuvenate the body and help keep increase the immune system, improve your mood and give you more energy to make a positive impact on your day.

You see, every season of life can be a time for growth. Don’t let the wintery days of life cause you to forget that all of what it brings is necessary to relax, learn, shed, rejuvenate only to grow stronger in the next season of life. I hope, in reading this, you realize, hope is not all lost. Wait for your new season!

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