Healthy Concern vs. Unhealthy Worry

Worry and concern can be hard to distinguish. Many people interchange the two as if they are the same. However, there is a difference between having a healthy concern over a problem and unhealthy worry.  

The Power of Prayer, Mindfulness, and Meditation

  Prayer, mindfulness and meditation activities that can be done almost any where and anytime when concern, worry, fear, anxiety, depression and stress begin to feel overwhelming.  Realizing and regularly participating in meditation, prayer and mindful practices offers wonderful emotional, mental, spiritual benefits and will improve quality and satisfaction in life. What is Prayer? For […]

Stop Living in Regret: Acceptance

Acceptance is being willing to acknowledge what is or what happened without denying it or resisting the current state of events. Acceptance not only helps to reduce the impact of negative experiences, but also makes a greater impact of reducing the effects of a negative situation.

Anxiety and Fear Exaggerates Reality

Anxiety is a condition that everyone faces at one time or another in life. It is a sense of hesitation and many times comes with symptoms such as sweating, headaches, trembling or tightness of the chest.

Mental Strength: Hope and Resilience

Hope and resilience are qualities for maintaining or improving mental health and can act as protection when facing difficult circumstances and hardships (Duggal, Liberta & Sacks-Zimmerman, 2016). What Exactly is Hope? Hope is an attitude of optimism, positivity, cheer, and expectancy for a good outcome. Hope is also achieved when goals are met and a […]

Sleep and Rest are Needed for Mental and Physical Health and Wellness

Sleep and Rest Why is Sleep so Important? When the body falls to sleep, it begins to restore itself improving overall health of the body.  Sleep also helps the body to recover from everyday wear and tear of daily life, improves memory and learning and overall health by boosting the immune system in the body. […]